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01 June 2012 @ 03:47 pm
[sticky post] SALES  

No sales at the moment.  Everything is at original price.

Chibi Heads

Each cost RM 25.oo/USD 9.oo


Each cost RM 35.oo/USD 12.oo


Arashi Rainbow

Available in limited quantities each time.  Each cost RM 30.oo/USD 11.oo
09 October 2029 @ 10:23 am

Hello and welcome to my LJ.  Here's some info about me if anyone's interested : 

My name is Isabelle and I'm a Malaysian Arashian.  My ichiban will always be Riida but once in a while I'll find myself swooning over a different member instead because who can resist them!?  Those 5 rainbows and sparkles men made my day.  <3  I am also a fan of KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2 though just not as ardent.

Currently, I am in my final semester of university as a Chemistry undergraduate.  And just because I find sciences a tad bit too much at times for me, I indulge in crafts, fantasy books and lots of fangirling activities.  Takes my mind of stress.

That's about it I guess...  The plain old boring life of a university student.  XD  

So stay around a bit and chat if you feel like it.  I love to talk to other fans about anything and everything at all.  =)

01 December 2028 @ 05:06 am

Here are a few ways you can contact me or see pictures of my work :

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/abunnyproductionbythemadbunny
(Do like my facebook page if you want to keep up to date with any updates of mine such as new designs or promotions or others.  It is easier for me to post updates there instead.)

Email : abunnyproduction@yahoo.com

Tumblr : http://www.tumblr.com/blog/abunnyproduction

Blog : http://reikitah.wordpress.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/BunNypr0duct1on

Below are listed some terms and conditions for any purchases made from me.

Terms & Conditions
* Serious buyers only.  Do not make an order if you do not plan to follow it through.  
* If you intend to cancel your orders before making the payment, do inform me please.  

* I am not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during delivery.  But I will make sure that the product is packaged with care so as to lower the risk of damage as much as I can.
* Payments by Paypal are subjected to a 5% Paypal charges that is to be borne by the purchaser.

* Each item is unique and may have subtle differences, though I will do my best to match it as best as I can. =)

Shipping Methods
* Malaysian : Poslaju
* International : Registered Airmail

* Malaysian (Maybank-158453001412) Account Holder's Name : Isabelle Chan Suet Yee
* International (Paypal)

* Packages will be sent out every Monday/Tuesday unless there are other special circumstances involved.
* Unless stock for a certain design is available, I will only start on your order after I have received the payment.  So expect there to be at least a few days from when I've received your payment to sending out the package.
26 November 2028 @ 05:27 am

ABunnyProduction started of as a hobby.  It was when I discovered the wonderful material called felt.  Not only is it easy to shape and make into the things I have in mind, this is also a way for me to make gifts for friends that is unavailable in the market outside.  It is how I could make my friends personalised gifts.  It was a joy to be able to sit down, design something new and making it come to life with my hands and presenting it to a treasured friend.  

Then I have other people asking for me to make them gifts for their friends and family members and that was where it truly started.  I love seeing the happy faces of people as they received something I've made and if they liked it, all the better!

It was some time later that I fell in love with this group called Arashi and then I've decided to fuse both my passion into one and started making Arashi related crafts.  I wanted to create a place that is an alternative for fans to go to for gifts for their fangirl friends.  

Which is why, ABunnyProduction is not limited to Chibi Heads, if you are interested in bookmarks or handmade cards or any other thing that you can think of with a certain theme, just drop me a message, I will make it real if it is within my power to make what you have in mind.  =)

09 October 2028 @ 10:36 pm

For all those who have bought from me, do leave your feedback here.  It would be very much appreciated!

23 October 2027 @ 01:07 am

11/02/2012 - Semi hiatus from today onward until around the end of May.  I will not accept anymore custom orders until then.  Ready-made designs are still available.  But orders will take some time to complete.  Expect at least one week from when payment is received until the package can be sent out.
19/01/2012 - Beginning 20th until 29th January, I'll be away on a short hiatus for Chinese New Year.  
09/01/2012 - Sakurai Month Sale!  +  Scene Chibi Heads Set Promotion!
Sakurai Month Sale!
If you buy 2 chibi heads and above, each chibi head cost USD 8 / RM 22.
Scene Chibi Heads Set Promotion!
Buy all 5 Scene Chibi Heads for the price of 4!  The whole set cost USD 36 / RM 100
The whole set includes :
Aiba Masaki's Magical Song
Matsumoto Jun's Come Back To Me
Ninomiya Kazunari's 1992_4##111
Ohno Satoshi's Kaibutsu-kun
Sakurai Sho's T.A.B.O.O.
*while stocks last*
Promotion ends 31st January 2012.
29/12/2011 - New designs!  Nino's Scene solo and Mario!!!
01/12/2011 - I will be on semi hiatus from 3/12 until around mid January, date yet unknown.  I will be able to receive your orders but I won't be able to reply quickly as I do not have an internet connection back home.
30/11/2011 - Aiba's Magical Song solo chibi is done!
26/11/2011 - Happy 31st Birthday to our dear Riida, Ohno Satoshi! <3<3<3  Here's the Uta no Onii-san design!!!
24/11/2011 - A new design is coming this Saturday in conjunction with Riida's birthday!!!  It's made of light blue and stars.  Can you make a guess?  =)
23/11/2011 - The first batch of the Arashi Rainbow is now available for sale!  Limited to 3.  Sale ends 26/11/2011.
20/11/2011 - The Arashi rainbow.  Will be limited.  Coming soon.
17/11/2011 - I will be on a hiatus from the 12th December 2011 until 2nd January 2012.  So get your orders in before that if you want to get some for your friends for Christmas!
16/11/2011 - Early December, there will be 2 new designs up.  Uta no Oniisan and Aiba's Magical Song.  Also there might be a 5-coloured Arashi rainbow design as well.  These designs will be slightly more seasonal compared to my other designs.
22 October 2027 @ 03:51 pm

Designs Available : 

Aiba Masaki : 
* Shimura Doubutsuen
* Magical Song Solo
*M5 Spring SP
Matsumoto Jun : 
* Come Back To Me Solo
* Yabai Yabai Yabai Solo
Ninomiya Kazunari :
* Arare-chan
* 1992_4##111 Solo
* Mario
* Meikyu Love Song (cat ears)
Ohno Satoshi : 
* Kaibutsu-kun
* Uta no Oniisan
Sakurai Sho :
* Yatterman
* T.A.B.O.O. Solo
* Kono Mama Motto Solo
Kamenashi Kazuya :
* Bemu
* Snow Cap

Each costs RM 25.oo / USD 9.oo.



*Price does not include postage.

Do feel free to comment or PM me.
All comments will be screened.
There would be other designs in the future.

Purchase Form :

Name : 
LJ Username : 
Email : 
Country : 

Item #1
Item name : 
Quantity : 

Item #2
Item name : 

Quantity : 

TOTAL : ?? x RM25/USD9 = ??

Also, do visit my facebook page for my other handmade items such as cards and bookmarks as well as for further updates of new designs... : A Bunny Production.
Current Location: Kampar, Perak, Malaysia
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Arashi - Mada Minu Sekai E
31 October 2026 @ 03:59 am
I do take custom orders.  If you want a design that's not made before, just PM me and I'll see if I can make it for you.

Here are some of the custom orders I've received : 

Kamenashi Kazuya - Bemu (Youkai Ningen Bemu)

Ohmiya from Meikyu Love Song PV

Akanishi Jin and his grey snow cap.
05 January 2026 @ 04:17 pm

Dimension (in inches) : 3.4" x 5.7"

Price : USD 11 / RM30

20 November 2020 @ 10:58 pm

The 5-coloured Arashi rainbow keychain will be a seasonal item.

It will be sold during birthday seasons and anniversaries.

Do look out for updates to when it will be available again.


Each costs RM 30.oo / USD 11.oo
*price does not include postage

If you are interested, please leave a comment here.