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26 November 2028 @ 05:27 am
ABunnyProduction, A Short History  

ABunnyProduction started of as a hobby.  It was when I discovered the wonderful material called felt.  Not only is it easy to shape and make into the things I have in mind, this is also a way for me to make gifts for friends that is unavailable in the market outside.  It is how I could make my friends personalised gifts.  It was a joy to be able to sit down, design something new and making it come to life with my hands and presenting it to a treasured friend.  

Then I have other people asking for me to make them gifts for their friends and family members and that was where it truly started.  I love seeing the happy faces of people as they received something I've made and if they liked it, all the better!

It was some time later that I fell in love with this group called Arashi and then I've decided to fuse both my passion into one and started making Arashi related crafts.  I wanted to create a place that is an alternative for fans to go to for gifts for their fangirl friends.  

Which is why, ABunnyProduction is not limited to Chibi Heads, if you are interested in bookmarks or handmade cards or any other thing that you can think of with a certain theme, just drop me a message, I will make it real if it is within my power to make what you have in mind.  =)